The only requirement to utilize BitPath system is a mobile phone & a QR Code Scanner App.

Step 1: Make sure you have a QR Code App (if you have one you can skip to Step 2) tap on the image to install.

For Andriod Users we recommend:

For Apple products we recommend:

Step 2: Register Your Company

Just fill out the sign-up page.

There is a drop-down menu for your company Profile Type, select the appropriate option.
NOTE: the Company Name will appear in the Tracking Page–use the name you would like to share publicly.

Step 3: Chain Concepts

Using the BitPath app you can easily create your own food supply chain. The data that is collected create a permanent immutable record on the global blockchain. Before BitPath this required lots of software and work, but now it is just you and your mobile phone.

Please review our Explainer Video for a quick use case scenario. You can find it here.

Step 4: App Basics

After you login you will be at your Dashboard. It is very simple; just 3 buttons.

CREATE NEW CHAIN – To create a new chain.

MY CHAINS – To share, track, or publish a chain YOU CREATED.

MY MOVEMENTS – To participate in a chain YOU DID NOT CREATE.

Example: A farmer grows a new batch of apples. He would create a new chain with the crop information, he would then share his chain from the My Chains menu. The trucking company arrives at the farm to pick up the apples. The driver would only use the My Movements menu both pickup and drop off the apples with the next party.

The Chain can include internal or external processes and does not necessarily require physical goods movement. For example, a required inspection. Any information that you feel is important to record and share to prove the quality and authenticity of your goods can be included.

  • Create New Chain
    Here is where it all begins. For example, if you are a farmer and harvested a new crop you would enter that crop details here. However, a chain could also be created from a Purchase Order Issuer. They would then pass the Chain to the farmer. In this case, the owner of the Chain is the Issuer. There are no limits or restrictions on who can start the chain. Fill out the form as needed to create a new chain.

  • My Chains
    Is a list of all the chains you have created. Just click on the Chain you wish to interact with.
  • After you select a Chain you can Share Chain, Track Chain, or Publish Chain
  • Share Chain will produce the QR code that you provide for the next movement of your product; for example, a trucking company picking up Apples from the farm.
  • Track Chain will produce a chronological list of goods movements which includes time, date, participant and the Blockchain Transaction record. Scroll down to see complete movement details.

    Company Detail – if you click on the Company Name you can get their details.

    Blockchain ID – if you click on transaction number you get the actual blockchain record for that goods movement.
  • Publish Chain will display a QR code that can be printed on materials such as labels or packaging that the end customer/user can scan to view the complete product life-cycle recorded on the global Blockchain.

  • My Movements is used for anyone other than the Chain Creator. All goods pick and drop off actions will use this function.
    1. Login to the BitPath App.
    2. Open QR Code App on your mobile phone
    3. SCAN the QR Code provided by the person you are picking up from, if the QR Code App asks “Open Website” accept/say yes.
    4. You will immediately be directed to Add New Movement to enter details:

  • DROP OFF: Just click in the Chain to interact or share it.
  • The Sharing QR code will be displayed so you can share it with the next person in the chain.